Casement Windows

Casement Windows vs. Double Hung

There are several styles of windows available on the market today and it may be difficult to decide which style is right for your home. Bob Stoll and his experienced installation team at Performance Windows of Texas can help you find the right style of window from reputable, top-quality brands that you can trust for stlye, reliability and performance. When you have taller window openings in your home there are two styles of windows that are often suggested. The first choice is Double Hung Windows, but for our focuse here we will discuse Casement Windows.

How Do Casement Windows Open?

Unlike double hung windows, which have two vertically sliding sashes (both the top and bottom can open up and down), this style is the most classic and readily available design of all windows. Because of the tilt wash feature where you can clean the outside of the window from inside your house, this is particularly popular.

Casement windows, on the other hand, open outward like a door on hinges, and use a cranking mechanism to open. Like double hung windows, casement windows also allow you to clean the outside of the window from inside when you crank them open completely. It could be argued that the downside to casement windows is the ever-present risk of the hinges being bent slightly out of shape because of strong breezes or the weight of  large window sashes. While double hung windows could be percieved to have more advantages in this category because of the fact that they don’t require space outside the window to open and close, and have generally a lower risk of operation mechanism damage, the quality of casement windows with Performance Windows of Texas are sure to stand up against double hung windows any day.


The View From Casement Windows

The attraction of full windows is the remarkable view they provide. Unlike windows with grills, you have an unobstructed view outdoors. The problem with many double hung windows is with the check rail (that horizontal bar in the center of the window). Often times the check rail is right at eye level and can detract from your view of the outdoors.

Casement windows do not have the check rail that you see on classic double hung windows, and so there is no obstruction of your view. This gives you the picturesque view that really opens up a room, making the windows and what lies beyond the central point of focus.

Sealing Features of Casement Windows

We all know that doors and windows are the places in our homes where we experience the most potential for energy loss. In newer homes with newer windows and doors we often find energy bills are much lower than those of older homes with older doors and windows. While much of the energy saving potential of windows and doors is a factor of the material used in manufacturing, it could be argued that the way windows and doors seal shut is potentially the greatest factor for consideration.

With casement windows there is no track that the window must slide up and down on, and so casement windows can achieve a tighter seal than double hung windows. In fact, the tighter you crank the window closed, the tighter the seal is (we advise our clients to never “over crank” their windows as this could actually damage the seals); however, with advancements in sealing technologies it does not take much to get an effective seal without overcranking.

Ventilation of Casement Windows

On a cool spring day, when the weather is gorgeous, many homeowners love the fact that they can open their casement widows and catch the cool spring breeze like a sail on a sailboat, allowing the sweet scent of fresh spring air to billow through their home. But like a sail, you have to trim the sail based on the amount of wind. The last thing you would want to do is crank open your windows during a storm! Common sense usually dictates the amount of space you put in your casement window openings, but having the ability to capture and direct fresh air into your home is one of the reasons homeowners love casement windows.

Double hung windows have the advantage over single hung windows of the top sash being able to slide up and down as well as the bottom sash. This allows a nice breeze inside without the hassle of blowing papers off tables, etc.

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